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SAP MM Opening Stock logic

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Hello SAP Experts,

I require one help with the logic preparation, here needed a logic of opening stock which should match with the MB5B report. but here it should be linked with Handling Units(VEKP-EXIDV). let me know if anyone have any solutions for this.


Vishal Thakur

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Answers (2)

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Transaction code HUMO should be helpful and also check in Transaction code S_P00_07000139

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Product and Topic Expert
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To link the opening stock with Handling Units (VEKP-EXIDV) in SAP MM and match it with the MB5B report, you can use the following steps:

  1. Go to transaction code MB5B.
  2. Enter the relevant material number.
  3. Enter the relevant plant code.
  4. Enter the relevant storage location.
  5. Enter the relevant posting date.
  6. Click on Execute.

This will display the opening stock for the material number, plant code, storage location and postin...1.

Regarding linking it with Handling Units (VEKP-EXIDV), you can use table VEKP to link inbound delive...2. You can also use table MSEG to link material documents with handling units2.

If this answer satisfies your question, kindly accept it and could you close the thread. Have a great day! 🙂