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SAP MM - Inventory Management for consumable material.

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Hi MM Team,

Please help me in mapping the below scenario.

Right now my client is procuring consumable material (text material without material master record) against account assignment category N and once GR is posted all the stock is consumed against the network.

Now they want to track the inventory of this stock because sometimes these stocks are in repair condition and they want it to give to some vendor to repair it and they will pay for this vendor and get it back once it got fixed.

Can you please let me know how to set up this end to end process.



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No master record and no direct tracking possible as per my knowledge..

You can do one thing. As you said PO/GRN is happening, try taking report of the document type level or GRN level. it may help you to track inventory.

regarding repair, Use Service process.



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use the below t-code to get the inventory report

S_P00_07000139  or MB5B



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Hi Bhg,

We create PO against account assignment category N without material master record just entering short text. So in this case how can we track through GRN report.

We need complete visibility / tracking  of this  stocks .Please see the below scenario

Suppose if we receive 10 quantity as goods receipt in this case. All these quantities has been consumed against the network. But the scenario is in that 10 quantity we have noticed 7 of them are not fit for use.

1. As of now there is no visibility of this stock in SAP. Now we want to see this stock in SAP.

2. And then we will send all these 7 quantities to some local vendor to repair it and we will pay to this vendor and receive the same material in working condition. So we need to track the stock throughout this process and let me know how we can map this scenario in SAP.

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Hi, You will have to manage at least the quantities in stock, and therefore create a material. You can setup material type to handle quantities in stock but no values. Using this scenario, whenever you buy the material, you will have to set the account assignment, no inventory account is posted.

But still you will have the inventory quantity in the system to keep track of stocks and status.

A standard Material type to check the setup is UNBW.

Hope this helps