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SAP Message NR751

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I have a question regarding SAP Flexible Real Estate.

In transaction RE80 I tried to do an exercise with a real estate search and to create an applicant.

When I try to save however, I get the message:

For object REORRR , number range interval 01 does not exist REORRRID

Message no. NR751


The database table NRIV has the delivery class 'C', i.e. the SAP default settings are only in client 000.


Create the missing number range interval in customizing.

Transaction code: REORRRID

When I look at transaction REORRRID however, I see that there is a number interval 1 ranging from 00000000000000000001 to 99999999999999999999. So, I don't understand why this message keeps popping up...

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?


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Answers (2)

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The problem is solved!

I had tried your solution before, but it kept giving me the message that the number ranges can't overlap and since the number range 1 was from 000000000000001 to 999999999999999 it was quite difficult NOT to overlap.

But I changed number range 1 to 0000000000000000001 to 6999999999999999 and created number range 01 from 70000000000000000 to 99999999999999999 and now it works.

Thank you!

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the SAP-message is asking for numberrange-interval 01 you can view interval 1 in table NRIV, these intervals are different...

Create interval 01 (using REORRRID).

best regards, Christian