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SAP EDI - QM - Quality Certificate Outbound

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We are in a project to set EDI Outbound for Certificate Quality. We had set the process based in the documentation below:

After it we are trying to use Output Method 6 in QC20 transacion but we are receiving a message saying there is "no message set to reprocess"

Any one had set the EDI output for Quality Certificate had faced this issue ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No. But it sounds like the message wasn't automatically triggered, therefore there are no messages to retrigger.

In addition, in the standard SAP QC20 screen i see no field labelled "Output Method".

Are you referring to "Transmision Medium".

What processing mode are you using? 1 is for message that haven't been sent out. 2 is for messages that have.

Check the output type, some outputs are set up to not allow reprocessing. From memory i believe EDI is one of those. I believe you'd have to go into the delivery and create a new output in order to resend an EDI.


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Hello Craig,

Many thanks for your reply and you are totally right. The issue was related to the trigger process I was trying to reprocess an old document and the EDI was not triggered for it.

I set the message output in the Delivery manually and it worked very well 🙂

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