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SAP DMS Document Info Record (DIR) - Copy files via ABAP from one DIR to another

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Hello all,

I want to copy files from document info record A to document info record B in ABAP. Is there a suitable BAPI / FM for this? Even after various searches I have not found anything suitable.

How could this be implemented?


In a "reference" document info record there is a blank file template (e.g. a writable PDF or similar) as original.

When versioning a document info record of type X, all data of the previous version should be transferred (object links, classification, descriptions etc. but no files / originals).

For this I use the BAPI BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVRS2 with the appropriate flags. This is working fine.

Afterwards however now also the blank template file from the reference DIS is to be added to this new version.

How is this possible?

The only BAPI i found coming close to this ist "BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSRC2", but this is only possible for new documents, not to take over originals in an existing DIR.



Found a similar question here in the forum.

Will test if FM "CV120_KPRO_LOIO_COPY" is working.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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FM "CV120_KPRO_LOIO_COPY" is doing the job!

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