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SAP Customer Checkout Credit Card Refunds not shown in SAP B1 Deposits window

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I'm lookin for a solution to include in the credit card deposits made in SAP B1 all their respective refunds made in SCCO SP02 FP15. By this, make one deposit to the bank as a net total (Charges - Refunds) to ease the bank reconciliation matching process.

At the moment SCCO it's integrating as an Outgoing Payment in SAP B1 and because of that it is not included in the SAP B1 deposits window. I've used other POS software in the past and it gives an option to creates a negative incoming payment for the credit card refunds made in the POS, but I'm not seeing anything like it in SCCO.

Please, any help on this will be very much appreciated.

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Also, I need an answer for this topic, the return transactions from CCO with outgoing payment by Credit Card should have a solution to be reconciled same as the deposit for Incoming Payment

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When it is returned to the credit card in SAP Business One this is not reflected in the deposits module, it is native to SAP Business One, not a bad behavior of SAP CCO in its integration to Business One, try doing the same directly in the ERP and check the native behavior of this. In that sense, returns must always be subtracted from the value of the deposit or applied together at the time of bank reconciliation.