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SAP Call horizon issue...

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I have a scenario where call horizon is not properly added.

Maintenance strategy

Maintenance strategy that runs per week is created . There are 1,2,3..weeks option

Data Task-list

Maintenance strategy's 13 week is currently assigned. Meaning task operation will be repeated after every 13 weeks.

Maintenance Plan

Shift and modification factors are all zero. Call horizon is 25% (2.35 Week or 22 days). Schedule period is 180 days and schedule indicator is time.

Schedule call

By looking at older calls, there are other calls from which it seems like the initially the plan was running every 1 week with 9 plan call dates and 9 completions every week. But now it has been changed to every 13 week.

After starting the plan with call horizon 25% for 13 weekly cycle. The system was picking 13 weeks later plan date but the call date was 5 day (0.71 week) early as per call horizon it should have been 2.35 week early.

I changed the call horizon to zero and ran IP10 system call dates and plan dates looked the same as expected but then when call horizon was changed again to 25% then it started showing me again 5 days (0.71 weeks) difference in plan and call date.

Expected issue

It looks like system is still calculating call horizon from 1 week instead of 13 week. 25% of 1 week is almost 5 days.

Can someone please suggest what could be the issue. How to change call horizon to 25% (2.35 Week or 22 days)

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Answers (1)

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System shows correct call horizon for 13 weeks but after save the date is changed to call horizon for 1 week.