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Sap Business one v 10 PF 2108 Alerts do not work

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I have a problem With alarms

In Version 9.3 all alarms in every Company was working. After update to 10 FP 2105 it don´t work. So i update to ver 10 FP 2108. Now it work i all company expet one.

So i check SLD and as you can se alert is set to on for severel company

When i check Services

I now I may be have done something stupid. I click at jobservice alert

and notice that the screen look different than in earlier version ( no bottum to start/stop jobservise

In the screen below i type in AlertSvc as SAP Businnes one user. Now no alerts working. So that to do ?

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Answers (2)

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HI André

Thanks for your answer

I can not swift to the Alert settings. Notting hapening when I click at the tab

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Hello Michael,

on job service page there are 2 tabs, you can switch to "Alert Settings" to see the service status.
In your SLD overview several of your databases have Alert status Off. Please make sure to press "Enable Alert" for each database where you need it. Afterwards the user who should receive alerts needs to relogin to B1.