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SAP Business One Intercompany

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One of our customers' scenarios is that they have Local Currency in IDR and System Currency in USD.

Now at the time of Asset Capitalization, it is so that I have to capitalize assets in USD, which is not possible. Now I want to use SBO Intercompany and Create a new Company where my System Currency would be in IDR and the Local Currency in USD. With this company, I only want to do my Fixed Assets and nothing else. All the daily transactions would be taken in the existing company. Please provide me with some suggestions or can you tell me if it is possible.

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As far as I know from my experience with some clients, the sbo intercompany module is no longer available. So you would have to find a solution within that company to capitalize the assets in IRD, applying the exchange rate. I hope someone gives you a possible solution but I don't think it's possible.