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SAP Basis Interview Questions

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Hi Experts,

Can anyone lease give me the ans of the following questions.

What is the difference between USOBX_C and USOBT_C?

What is significant of Composite Role( Why we should go with Composite Role)?

What are the processes going on OS level while Transporting?

What all are the areas we need to check, if Transporting is not happening?

How to scheduled a background job in OS level?

Thanks & Regards,

Krushna Biswal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Krushna,

follow the link for answers to your few questions...

Also reg the transports, mostly if a TR does not move to next system we need to check the following.

1. content of the TR -- some times improper saving of data would lead to non movement of changes

2. If the BGD processes are occupied the TR would take time toi get imported.. depends on system load at tghe moment.

3. check the transport routes if they are configured correctly.

Hope the above inputs help you..



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Answers (1)

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Dear Krushna Biswal,

Please visit You will get good questions on Basis.

Do award suitable points.