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SAP B1IF 2.0 simple B1EV inbound example

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I started learning SAP B1IF 2.0, but the included training materials mostly focus on HTTP event inbound.
(I found the offical youtube demonstration videos, but those were fairly complex with little explanation.
I also found the course in openSAP regarding B1IF in action, but that was focusing on version 1.0 unfortunately).

Could someone help me where I could find an example of B1EV inbound workflows for B1IF 2.0?

Something very simple like this would help me a lot in getting started:
When an items price changes in B1 for example, I'd like to automatically call an HTTP endpoint, sending the changed item's ID and new price.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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B1EV is actually quite simple to use, attached is an image how to set it up for e.g. Delivery Note.

For BusinessObject you need to give it the value of the object you want to have as trigger (note: for Prices update you are looking at Items and not Price lists, as Price is written on Item Master, ITM1 table).

DataRetrieval and RetrievalType are fields which define what you want to get from the event (get data or no data and adapter to use, which defines the structure). So, I suggest using this setup as above to get what you need. Everything else is same as any scenario with HTTP inbound.



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