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SAP B1 Service Layer Multiple Database Servers


We have 2 SQL Server instances (Server A and Server B)

On server A we have Company_1 on that SQL Server. We also have the Service Layer / Load Balancer installed on that server.

On server B we have Company_2 on that SQL Server. There is no service layer installation.

These servers/companies are both registered on the same SLD.

However, I cannot Login to server B via the service layer.

POSTing to https://server_a:50000/b1s/v2/Login with body

{"CompanyDB": "Company_2", "UserName": "manager", "Password": "password"}

Leads to the error:

{ "error": { "code": 100000027, "message": { "lang": "en-us", "value": "Error while connecting to database server ---Server_A SQL Instance----\n" } } }

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Properties in Service Layer looks very similar to DI API properties. Maybe if you try using same principles establishing connection in DI API add a property in your payload:

POST https://server_a:50000/b1s/v2/Login

{ "CompanyDB": "Company_2", "UserName": "manager", "Password": "password", "Server": "Server_B" }