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[SAP B1] License and Authorization Concern

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We have professional and limited licenses (CRM, Financials and Logistics). Now, in some situations, we need to temporarily allow a certain user to access (read & write) a module outside the scope of his/her license type. For example, a user with "limited financials license" needs to access modules only accessible when using a "limited CRM license".

My idea is to give the user authorization to the necessary modules and also lend that user a professional license. Will this work without any issues? Will the already set authorizations get reset after I give the user a license type different from the one he/she normally uses? By the time I need to revoke the temporary access for those modules, I only need to change his/her license type back to limited, and those modules will be inaccessible even if I leave the authorization as is. And when the user needs to access those modules again, I only need to lend her a professional license. Is my understanding correct?


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As far as I know, the authorization system and the license system are two separate layers that determine what a user can see and do.

Theoretically, when you set authorizations for a user, with a professional license assigned, these settings will remain when you change the license type to a limited one. The only effect should be that certain functionality will be blocked all of a sudden. When you change the license type to professional later on, all will look the same, but the previously blocked functionality will now be accesible again.

Fortunately it is relatively easy to create a demo company. Just create a new empty database, and restore a backup of your production database on top of it (with overwrite). Once you have this test database, you can simply test it.



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As far as I know the license valid for SAP to be taxed will be the one which has the user once the annual audit is done. So if at that moment this user has the license corresponding to a lower level or less expensive one this one will be the taken, the same if the user is inactive/blocked...