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SAP B1 Hana Query to link IC documents

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Hi Experts, I'm a new SAP B1 user and my company uses Inter-company, and we have HANA. My question,

I need to write a query that allows me to type the ORDR DocNum from DB1 and display the Inter-Company ORDR DocNum in DB2

Both DB's are on the same server

To confirm our process, we create an SO in DB1 which then creates a B2B PO which then creates a SO in DB2.

In our process the Customer Ref No within the SO in DB1 (NumAtCard) is copied to another UDF (U_V33_IntCoCustRef) when the PO is created in DB1, these 2 fields are auto populated with the same data, the DocEntry of the PO in DB1 is the DocRef within the IC SO in DB2, also the (NumAtCard) & (U_V33_IntCoCustRef) are the same. Can you advise the smartest way for me to create a Query to get this data

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