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SAP B1 deadlock OPLN trough SAP Integration Service

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Hi SAP B1 Experts

We have random SQL deadlocks that drive our users crazy. We use SQL 2019 and SAP B1 FP2208.

We followed all advice from the Microsoft Cummunity:

So we have a job that logs every deadlock into a database. By using this technique, we identified the head blocker.

The head-blocker is the SAP Integration Service and the query is 

(@P1 smallint)SELECT T0.[ListNum] , T0.[ListName] , T0.[BASE_NUM] , T0.[Factor] , T0.[RoundSys] , T0.[GroupCode] , T0.[DataSource] , T0.[SPPCounter] , T0.[UserSign] , T0.[IsGrossPrc] , T0.[LogInstanc] , T0.[UserSign2] , T0.[UpdateDate] , T0.[ValidFor] , T0.[ValidFrom] , T0.[ValidTo] , T0.[CreateDate] , T0.[PrimCurr] , T0.[AddCurr1] , T0.[AddCurr2] , T0.[RoundRule] , T0.[ExtAmount] , T0.[RndFrmtInt] , T0.[RndFrmtDec] , T0.[U_Key] , T0.[U_Currency]  FROM [dbo].[OPLN] T0 WHERE T0.[ListNum] = (@P1)  

The thing is we don't have any scenario step in our B1i that has such a query. It seems that SAP fires this query on its own.

The problem is that the deadlock also affects the Service Layer where we then also get an error

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Transaction (Process ID 217) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. (CINF)


Is there anything we can try or do?

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