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SAP B1 Custom Alerts / Prompt Messages

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Dear Forum

is there anywhere in SAP B1 where you can hard code messages that appear at order processing, or picking and packing to remind the operator to do something or make them aware of a customer requirement, for example, do not send customer red apples?

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Dear arcadiamedical

as per my knowledge you need write Query for such alert and set it in alert management.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I believe you are asking for POP Up messages like when we save a document system asks "do you want to save document " and these messages will be based on customize setting on sales order. If this is the case option one is to use 2 UDFs and in UDF1 mention such requirements, UDF 2 with yes/no value for user to confirm he read the message. Other than UDFs deploy the transaction notification if message read UDF is n then user cannot save.

optoin 2 is use SDK and develop it.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Jason Webb

try this

SELECT T0."AbsEntry", T0."Name", T0."PickDate", T3."DocNum", T3."DocDate", T2."ItemCode", T2."Dscription",
T2."Quantity", T1."PickQtty", T1."PickStatus"
INNER JOIN PKL1 T1 ON T0."AbsEntry" = T1."AbsEntry" and "BaseObject"='17'

INNER JOIN RDR1 T2 ON T2."PickIdNo" = T1."AbsEntry"
INNER JOIN ORDR T3 ON T2."DocEntry" = T3."DocEntry" AND T1."OrderEntry" = T3."DocNum"
WHERE T1."OrderLine" = T2."LineNum"

You can improve it further