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SAP Asset Manager client vs backend - version compatibility

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is a higher version of SAM client compatible with a lower version of SAM backend? Is there a compatibility matrix available? I have checked this note (2933065), but it is SAM client - MDK compatibility matrix only.

I would say: No, it is not compatible. Can somebody confirm?

For example, We have S/4HANA 2022 system, where OData + BC sets for versions SAM 2110 and SAM 2305 have been activated. I built mobile client SAM 2305. I noticed that I do not see a map when I set the destination to SAM 2110. I checked the source code of SAM 2305 client and the client requires (checks) flags (S4_SERVICE_INTEGRATION, ...). Flag exists in SAM 2305 but does not exist in 2110. Also, Persona FIELD_SERVICE_TECHNICAN does not exist in SAM 2110.

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In you post you have already given the answer - no it is not possible.

Every new version has new processes. This requires new fields, entities, etc. Sometimes whole setup procedures change or as you mentioned personas was introduced. All these things are not known in the older version. So you would end up in a weired scenario of errors, that are related to missing entries.

So simply said: Yes, you can change the MDK Version, but the client metadata has to be the same as the backend version.

Hope this helps,