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Same handling unit in 2 deliveries?

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i have one interesting question. in order that you will better understand our process here is picture

so let me breifly explain. in arrows there are steps which takes in order. main part here is that all postings goes through main company so thats why we have such process. so SBU create PO to main company (there plant is automatically changed to main company) than main company create new PO to our production plants (part of main company but different plant) they create OBDLV, pack and goods issue. then automatic flow begins so inbound to main company, post this inbound, and create OBDLV to final customer, automatic GI and so on.

so physically flow of goods goes from production plant to final customer but document flow through main company. this means that final customer and their documents (delivery) are from main company and not from production company.

here are problems. we must implement SSCC codes for goods. so in production company they will pack and also stick SSCC number to goods. since final customer has nothing to do with this delivery we must somehow copy HU into delivery relevant for them (from main company) problem is that production company will stick for example SSCC number 1381544 and we must then copy same number to second delivery because from second delivery we will send DESADV message to partner so he will recieve all information about how it is packed. but same HU cannot be in multiple deliveries right, so i dont know how to achieve that?

both deliveries have different plant, WH number and so on but regardles i am not able to achieve this! process as such

question is. is there any possibilities to achieve this?

when i try to create something system always issue errors like:

i also try to change status but also this wont work because then it requires external number. and you cannot create internal and external number range in same interval.

so is this even possible?


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