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Hi Gurus,

In the Sales org(defination) screen we have field -Sales org.calender.

Please explain me the usage of this field.



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Answers (5)

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Hi Babs,

Every calender in a company represent the working days & holidays of their organizational units

Like calender that assign to Plant. It wil represent if there is holiday in a calender that assign to plant than no production will be there.

Calender that assign to shipping point it will represent that if holiday is there in calender that assign to shipping point than no shipment will take place on holiday.

Calender that assign to sales organization it's represent if holiday in calender that assign to SO than no incoming order or order will be created that day.



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Hi Babs...

Factory calendar contain company specific dates such as alternate working Saturdays, Plant shutdown etc.

You can create your company factory calendar via transaction code 'SCAL'.

Assignment of the factory calendar by plant is done in transaction code 'SM30 - V_T001W'.

An example of a SAP application that uses the factory calendar is the SAP MRP modules.

Assuming that you have a specified an alternate working Saturday, MRP will postponed the planned orders to the next working day if it happened to falls on a non-working Saturday.

Hope this meet your requirement.


Safeer Rahman

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Hi Babs,

Its used to aggign calender to resp sales org.

Like your sales organizations may be like Germany Sales Org,UK Sales org etc so in this case its necessary to maintain respective calender of that country to sales org.

Hope this have clarified you.



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A Sales Organisation Calendar is used to determine holidays and working days for a certain sales organisation. This calendar is used for calculating specific dates. (for example: delivery date)

If a sales organisation is closed on a certain date, I think no order can be created on this date for this sales organisation (should be checked).

Calendars can be set up using transaction SCAL.

Best regards,