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Sales Order Variant Configuration Data not copying into Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order

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Hi There

We have a configurable material in S4, the characteristic values are assigned during sales order creation. Most of the char values are determined with the use of Variant tables, and object dependencies.

Since this is a Configurable product, it has the Class/Config Profile (Config Parameters: Planned/Prod Order, BOM explosion: Multi level and application: PP01)/Dependencies, BOM etc. I have also tried Config Parameters with Sales Order and app: SD01

The requirement class: 041 assigned to the IC: ZTAC and MRP type: PD is flagged with field Configuration: * (Configuration is allowed).

When we are converting the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order, we are getting a warning "No Configuration yet maintained for Material XXXXXX, Message no. 06836.

VC Configuration from the Sales Order should be copied into the Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order, that is the end goal.

I tried looking up the forum to see if another person ran in to a similar issue but could not locate the blog.

Can someone who is familiar with the config point me in the right direction?

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