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Sales Order Reservation are not reduced.

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Hi PP Gurus,

I have MTO Scenario (Strategy 20) where against a sales order i get a plan order and convert this plan order into production order. Material A (FERT) is having its component B (HALB). A to B ratio is 1:1.

I got a sale order for A for 100 qty and accordingly Production order for A & B for 100 Qty.

In MD04 for A view is like this:

Order A: 100qty

Production Order for A: 100 Qty

In MD04 for B view is like this:

Order Reservation for A :100 Qty

Production order for B: 100 Qty.

Now I confirmed the prodcution order for B (100 qty) and made the GR for 100 Qty and issue this qty (100) to prodcution order for A. Now due to some reason, I was able to make only 80 qty of A and 20 was scrapped. I define this in the confirmation like YIELD 80 and Scrap 20. I made the GR for 80 qty of A.

Now I am expecting that MRP run should give plan order for 20 qty for B so that this I can use for A but instead I am getting a plan order of 100 for B again. My doubt here is that order reservation should have been reduced by 80 numbers but its not happening. MRP is not reducing the order reservation and so its creating the plan order for 100 qty of B instead of 20 QTy.

Please help me where I have to check the customization (if missing).

Thanks in advance.


Sandep Kumar

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if there's a minimum lot size, or rounding value defined for B, since this could explain.

And besides, what is the behaviour that you are interested in?

After you did the GI of B to production order of A, what do you see in MD04? Is the order reservation gone? It should.

Now, basically when you report yield of 80 and scrap of 20 of A, what should happen in the next MRP run is the creation of a planned order of 20 for A, and accordingly of B, unless, as I said, you have some lot sizing limitations.



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