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Sales order pricing multiple items based on conditions of last item

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Dear all,

I already searched in this community, but I didn't find an answer to my problem ... So, I will formulate it here ... If this question has already been asked somewhere, I apologize for my question ...

I have a sales order with 2 items ... Both lines have same data (material, quantity, dates, ...) except the plant is different ... Because of this different plant, one of the pricing conditions (ZFRG) should find a different value for this discount ... When I take a look at the pricing, both lines have the same value for this condition ... If I do a "new pricing" for the first line, the correct value appears ... When I go back to the item-overview, the new value is gone and the same value of the second line is back ... It seems that the pricing always uses the value of the last item ...

Does this sound familiar ? Anybody with an idea what the problem could be ?

Thanks in advance !


Kurt Clement.

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Answers (2)

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Check your pricing procedure in tcode V/08 and check if for this condition you are using a formula (VOFM subroutine) in the customer range name (usually they begin with 9). Check 356737 - Customer name range for VOFM routines.

Set a break-point in the begining of the routine.

Check also note 24832 - Pricing rules / TVCPF for researching other possible origins.

I hope this helps you



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Is the Delivering plant present in one of the access in Determining the ZFRG discount?

The behavior you have explain is not standard, there may be some Z-Development done in the system which you are probably not aware of. I would recommend to de-bug the Price determination / re-determination process with ABAPer and check.


Jignesh Mehta