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Sales order creation with reference / Screen variant dialog box

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Hi All,

When creating a sales order with reference to a quotation, the system displays following dialog box (Pop up) in case open quotations exist:

Our requirement is now to expand this screen with the purchase order no of the customer (VBKD-BSTKD).

Any ideas of how to achieve this are highly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Melanie,

I hope you must have already done this, if not this these are the steps.

Step 1: Use Append structure to add the required field(s) in structure LISTVBAP

Step 2: Program MV45AF0M_MAT_AUF_HINWEIS_PRUEF has a BADI BADI_SD_REF_DOC_CUST and method SEARCH_FOR_REF_DOC can be used to fill the table HNW_VBAP, which has the data to be displayed in popup

Step 3: Program LV45CF0A, Form AUSGABE_LISTE_HINWEIS need to be changed using access key to enable the custom field for display in reference popup before REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY FM.

Thanks and Regards,

Ajith J

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Hi Friend, Try to check the screen sequence group in transaction code VOV8 as shown below,

Hope this can help you to sort out your issue.



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Hi Kundan,

Thank you for your answer concerning my request.

But unfortunately, this solution does not meet my requirement. Customizing settings mentioned by you already exists. The question is how to expand the layout of the dialog box, so that the purchase order no of the customer is additionally shown.

Any other ideas?



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Hello Melanie,

I am not really an ABAP-er, so probably this is something that you have already checked with your colleague from the development team.

From what I see, the popup for referencing existing quotations during sales order creation in ERP is done by calling FM SD_LIST_REFERENCE_DOCUMENT.

There are enhancement points for selecting and referencing documents during sales order creation. Have you checked with your colleague from the development team if there is a possibility to use a custom FM instead of the standard one, which I mentioned? In my old IDES sandbox this seems to be a viable solution, unfortunately I cannot test it now. Check include MV45AF0M_MAT_AUF_HINWEIS_PRUEF, it could be a good starting point.