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Sales & Delivery item category

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Hi Experts,

Sales item category and Delivery item category have same names. My question is whether the delivery item category is the same as sales order item category.

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Though the sales document item category and the delivery item category may have the same name, there are different controls that can be set in customizing.

For example, picking can only be deactivated in the delivery item category.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Duncan,

There is difference between sales order itemcategory and delivery itemcategory.

For example if you take TAN itemctegory in both areas(Sales document and delivery) we can identify different control in each place.

In Sales order TAN these are controls

Transaction VOV7

Bussiness data

General control

Transaction floe

Bill of material/Configuration

Value contract

Service management

Control of resource-related billing and Creation of Quotation

In Delivery TAN these are the controls

Transaction OVLP

Document category--J-delivery



Wear house control and packing

Transaction flow.

I hope it will help you,



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we also have an item cat determination that takes place at delivery at transactoin 0184. For example you may enter some line items at delivery and in such case these item cat come into picture else they are proposed from the sales doc based on the copy control settings between docs. The extra control at delivery are required to manage some of the shipping related functions / controls.


sadhu kishore

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I fully agree with Kamesh... names may be the same for both itemcategory as well as delivery item category. The control functions in both are for different functions. Delivery item categories are for providing additional control functions to the delivery line item like.. automatic picking, packing...etc..

Sales itemcateogories are used to provide additional control functions to the items in the sales order, it doesn't have any control over the line items behave in the delivery.