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Sales and Operations Planning (SOP)

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Hi.... gurus can u explain me about Sales and operations planning in SAP and how to carry out one full cycle in SAP. I have gone through the SAP library but i need some real time person to gives his idea on this

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1. Create Product group in tcode MC84.

Enter Plant, Base Unit,choose Materials as Product Groups.

2. Enter the Member name , plant and Proportion Factor and Save.

3. Create Production Plan in tcode MC81.

Enter the Version Number and enter.

Now In row against Sales enter qty and choose that line and goto Edit,

create Prodn Plan synchronus to sales and save.

4. Create Rough cut Planning Profile in tcode MC35 / enter the product group

and plant and execute

5. Enter the Status ,Usage , from lot size , to lot size and enter.

6. Now Choose the first line and choose Blue lens and choose work center as

your capacity bottle necks.

7. Enter the qty as 1ex

8. Now in MC82 check the capacity situation.

Choose inactive version and select your version.

9. Now goto Views ---> capacity situation -Rough Cut Planning-> show

and check for any over loads.

10. Change the inactive version to Active version in tcode MC78.

Enter your inactive Version and target version as A00 and copy and save.

11. Go and Check the activated version in MC82 displayed as Active Version.

Goto extras ---> Transfer to Demand Management

12. Enter your Active Version and choose Transfer Now.

13. Now Goto MD62 and check whether reqmts have been transferred.

14. MD02/MD04

15. Planned orders will be created.



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Hi Nitiyaseelan

please refer to this useful site to get an overview of SOP

overall, SOP is used for LOng term planning and just gives the business users an overall rough picture of what they need to plan and produce for future

here is the general steps involved in SOP


SOP- comes from SO76 standard information structure.

1. MC87 - create Planning for material

of if you want by product group then use these steps

MC81 - Create Planning for product group

MC84 - Create for product group

2. MC78- copy version (Enter your inactive Version and target version as A00 and copy and save.)

3.MC88- change version

4.MC74 - Transfer Material to Demand Management

5.MD62 - Change the Planned Independent Requirements

5.MD02- Run MRP

6. MD04 - Stock/Requirements List

7. CO01 - Create production Orders With Material

and you might know the rest of the cycle


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