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SA Schedule lines for requirements within PTF

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Hello Gurus,

I have a question that you can surely help me with.

I have setup a scheduling agreement for a material, and with the source list setup the MRP now successfully generates schedule lines for all requirements that are outside of the planning time fence. However, if I put a requirement inside the planning time fence, then MRP does not create a schedule line just outside the PTF to cover that requirement, instead it creates a planned order just outside the PTF (or a purchase requisition if I change the "Create Purch. req." MRP control parameter).

Why does it not create a delivery schedule line? The validity of agreement is set to 1st of april, so it is defined will in the past. The target quantity on the scheduling agreement is well above the current scheduled quantity.

Thank you for any suggestions on this issue. I am sure it is just me who is being an MRP ignorant.

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Check the validity date of your Source List. It may be that it is outside the time frame of your requirements.

Try setting it up to say, January 1st of this year, see what happens.

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