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S4 HANA Product AATP Allocation - Not Working

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Hi SAP Guru,

Thank you in advance!

I had gone through multiple blogs on google but did not find the exact solution on this.

I am trying to set up the PAL for the below characteristics:

1. Sales Organization

2. Distribution Channel

3. Customer Group

4 Region ( Sold-to-Party)


1. Sales Organization

2. Distribution Channel

3. Customer Group

None of the characteristics is working fine for me in the system.


Material is set up as 1 CV = 4 EA ( Base UoM = EA and Sales UoM = CV)

The Product allocation configuration has been set up as quantity Unit = CV and Consumption Unit = CV with above characterstics.

The rest configuration is done from my end Perfectly.

Still, the result is not showing properly.

Can you please help me here?

Material = 100 CV of Quantity available.

Maintain Product Allocation for Product is maintained as follow below:

ABC material - Plant - 01.10.2021 = 100 - 01.11.2021 = 200 and so on....


VA01 - Order is created with the customer which belongs to the above characteristics and the material which has been allocated month-wise

I have created an order for 50 CV in the month of 01.10.2021, and then I go and check the product allocation. The system is not showing the consumption qty in the Fiori app nor on-premises.

Note: OVZ2 is already activated.

Please help me what am I missing here.



Hi Kundan,

Please verify your PAL customizing according to the FAQ KBA 2691783 - question 1.

Try to setup an easy PAL example first - which is working - before starting to advance on more complex scenarios.

best regards,




Run this pre-check program in SE38 -> R_PAL_PRECONDITION_CHECK

and execute and in the input your Sales number before execution and click on logs. It will help you to identify what data or parameter is missing for PAL determination.

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