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S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition VS Public Edition VS SAP HCM in RISE vs Success Factors


Hi All,

I would really appreciate your help in assisting me with the below queries.

My client is on SAP ECC currently. We are planning for a migration. S/4 HANA is very new to me. So I have some questions. Hope you guys can explain to me in simple terms. It is very confusing when reading multiple blogs, so appreciate if you can get to the point and let me know the details. which I am sure will be useful for many..

1. What is the difference between S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition VS S/4 HANA Cloud, Public Edition?

2. What is the difference between S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition VS SAP HCM in RISE with SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, private edition?

3. Understand from SAP note 3091160 - the S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition does not support PA-PD-AP (Appraisal component), PE (Training and Event Management Component) - instead of this we need to use Success Factors Performance & Goals, Success Factors Learning respectively.

If so, will this mean that there is integration between S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition and Success factors "Learning module?

Or, will SF "Learning Module" need to have a copy of the employee data and run independently using some other DB instead of integrating with S/4 HANA cloud?

4. How can custom code be migrated to S/4 HANA cloud, private edition? Is there any tool?

I am getting a different understanding from each blog post and it is really confusing me. Appreciate if someone can clearly help me understand this.

P.S: Sorry, if my questions are very high-level or not clear, pls ask me in case of any clarifications.

Thanks & Regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)


Here is a quick comparison of Private Cloud and Public Cloud options for SAP S/4HANA:

Private Cloud:

1. Dedicated & secure environment tailored to your needs

2. Greater control over infrastructure, security & data sovereignty

3. Enhanced customisation flexibility for complex processes

4. Below are the key points from technical perspective:
- Configuration done in SAP GUI Screens

- Configuration done in Golden Master Server

- System Does not Prompt if Config is Left

- Developers allowed to do all Customizations

- End user can work on

- SAP GUI or on Fiori

- Developers Can modify SAP source code

- Works on T - Codes just like in On-Premise Server

Public Cloud:

1. Shared, multi-tenant environment for cost savings & economies of scale

2. Faster implementation & reduced maintenance efforts

3. Regular, automated updates with latest features

4. Ideal for organizations with standard processes & minimal customizations

5. Below are the key points from technical perspective

- Configuration done in Fiori Only

- Configuration done in CBC Server

- System helps and Prompts if Config is Left

- A Small number of Customizations allowed

- End User work Only on Fiori Using Apps & Tiles

- Developers Can not modify SAP source code

- Does not have T Codes

Each deployment option has its pros and cons, depending on your organization's specific needs and priorities. By understanding these differentiators, you can make the best choice for your move to SAP S/4HANA.

Regarding your doubt for Custom Code, you first have to implement notes for Readiness Checks , SI checks and Custom Code. Then you have to use ATC for analysing the Custom Code.

I will suggest you to go through standard guides or open sap course.

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