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S/4 EHS: Hazardous substance inventory cannot be created, no location shown

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Hello experts, 

in the module "S/4HANA EHS Workplace Safety" (risk assessment) in the app "Manage hazardous substance inventories (HSI)" we have the error that no HSI can be created because no location can be selected. 1.png

No locations can be selected although locations are created and assigned to the plant. And in the customizing activity "IMG Configure Hazardous Substance Inventory" the plant was assigned to location type. 


Additional information: our customer is using one backend system and one frontend system for the fiori launchpad

  • locations and chemicals are maintained in NWBC opened from the backend system. Services EHFND_UI_CHM_ENTRY and EHFND_UI_LOC_ENTRY are only activated on the backend system
  • On the front end system the services for the App "Manage hazardous substance inventories" are activated

Are there further configurations to be checked?

Thank you in advance


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Have you assigned the plant 0001 to a location of type "Firmenstandort / (DE)"?


Neeraj Agrawal