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In a routing, I have 4 operations. we have a control key with auto GR ( ZP04). In my understanding , Auto GR can be set for only one operation. But I have used this control key for all the 4 operations. THe routing is saved without any problem.

How come tthis is possible.

And when i confirm the second operation there was goods movement too.

PLease help me how can this happen..

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Answers (3)

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AUto GR in Control key is only applicable for last operation only, If you assigned to some other operation other than last operation, The Auto Gr option won't work.

for second operation, the goods movement is for 261 or 531, not for 101, kindly check the goods movement.

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Dear SAP125,

Check this content,

Automatic Goods Receipt


You can specify in the control key of an operation, that the system should automatically post the finished material to stock when

the operation is confirmed. A posting is also carried out for a partial confirmation.

An automatic goods receipt can only be posted for one operation per order. You should therefore make sure that only one

operation in the order (normally the last operation) has a control key that specifies automatic goods receipt.

Automatic goods receipt can be activated by the production scheduling profile. It is always carried out during the confirmation of the last operation that requires confirmation. However, the indicator in the production scheduling profile is ignored as soon as one of the operations in the order has a control key that specifies automatic goods receipt.

The following applies to production scheduling profiles:

The Production Scheduling Profile is defined in Customizing

You can assign the profile to an order either by using the material master record (work preparation screen) of the material to be produced or the production scheduler (Customizing).

If several operations in an order have a control key that specifies automatic goods receipt, the system issues a warning message when you confirm one of them. No automatic goods receipt posting is carried out to prevent the goods receipt from being posted more than once. In this case, you have to post the goods receipt manually.

In collective orders, an automatic goods receipt is only possible for the leading order. The "Automatic goods receipt" indicator has no effect in operations of dependent orders.


S Mangalraj

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Dear SAP125,


Routing gets saved with out any errors

But check while confirmation system throws an error

101 movement type cannot be performed for all operations

Only you need to assign Auto GR for last operation

Hope the above clarifies