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Routine for gross value

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Dear All,

last day i got a problem in routine.

the user requirement is that when for a prticular user the net value when increase to 4000/- then our company wants to give a parcentage discount to that customer.

i define a condition type for that & check that if the gross value is greater than then that amount then automatically some % amount will be discount for that customer.

but now the problem is that when the first line item value is greater than 4000 then it working properly but if first line item is not greater than 4000 then is not working.

can u please give any soln for the same , can i write any exit code or it's possible by condition type.

Please advice.

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Answers (1)

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First u sum up all the item values and then check the condition. All the items exits in TKOMV table in the routine.

Sum up all the values and store it in a variable.

Check if this variable > 4000

then apply required condition.

awrd points if useful