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Rounding value on collective production order

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Hi Guys,

I want to use rounding value on collective production order, Rounding values do work on production order but not if the material has setup for collective. I do not want to discoonect the material from collective and i do want to use rounding value. Any body has an idea how to achieve that?? Any help be great!

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I have to say that the collective order join the MRP with the way of direct production which is completely different way of net requirement calculation. It just get the quantity from the superior order and can not be influenced by the rounding value/profile.

The output from the sub level order will be consumed by the superior order directly without manual handling. So that the redundant quantity caused by roudning would cause inconsistency.

The BADI WORKORDER_UPDATE is being called while creating and chaning the order, so you may check the possibility in it to change the order or component quantity.

On MRP side, I can see there are BADIs MD_PLDORD_CHANGE & MD_PURREQ_CHANGE to allow the customer change the planned order and PR in MRP, however, you should better not change the quantity as no further BOM explosion occurs for the changed quantity, so there is no perfect solution for your question. Please go to SE18 to read the documentation of the BADIs and their methods to see if you can use them.