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Rounding value for a Transfer order

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Hi every one! Hope you all fine!.

I have the following scenario:

I need MRP use Rounding Value for supply a plant, this is my network distribution:

Plant 1 ---> Plant 2 ---> Final customer

Plant 1 Receive a PRqRel (30 pcs) order from Plant 2

Plant 2 Receive a CusOrd (30 pcs) from Custormer and create a PurRqs (pcs) for Plant 1.


The customer order is out date (we didnt supply on time)

The Data master of Plant 2 have a roundin value for 150 pcs.


Why Plant 2 doest create a order for 150 pcs? i was thinking, this is happening because the orders isn't on time.

Scenarios tested:

Parameters changed, Fix lote for 150 pcs, Make to stock enviroment, min lot.

I created a demand on time (MD61) for 30 pieces, MRP create a PurRqs order for 150 pcs according rounding value

I created a demand for 1 month ago for 30 pieces but MRP doesnt create any PurRqs order.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

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