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Rounding profile for return PO

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Hi there,

could anyone help me with this problem? When we create normal POs (like NB) the rounding profile is active, but as soon I create a return PO, the rounding profile is not taken into account...

Is this coming from Customizing? Or is there any user-exit i could use to solve this?

Thanks a lot,

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Answers (2)

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Thanks a lot,

It looks like this is not covered by the standard program. I ask SAP and they suggested to open a Change Request.

Best regards,


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First understand what is rounding profile

It is the Key that the system uses to adjust the order proposal quantity to deliverable units.


A material's base unit of measure is 1 unit; the purchase order is to be delivered in layers (1 layer corresponds to 5 units) or in pallets (1 pallet corresponds to 8 layers which contains 40 units).

You maintain the profile as follows:

From a requirements of 2 units, the system is to round up to 5; from a requirement of 32 units, the system is to round up to 40.

This results in the following order proposal quantities:

Requirement from 1 -> 1 requirement from 31 -> 30

Requirement from 2 -> 5 requirement from 32 -> 40

Requirement from 6 -> 10 requirement from 74 -> 80

Requirement from 7 -> 10

But when we return the material it is not neccessary to make the rounding of that qty otherwise there would be mismatch in inventory. If there is only one defective unit & you want to return it & you are making PO for the same if rounding takes place then it would be 1 layer means 5 units. It is standard SAP.