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Rounding issue due to alternative unit

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I wonder how others resolve the rounding issues caused by alternative unit, any advice is appreciated.

In my case, the production unit is LB, the base unit is KG and Sales Unit is LB.

The product is 1200LB per bag, covert to KG will be 544.3104001338893 and this cause rounding problem across Production receiving, inventory transfer and shipping process as KG only keep 3 decimals.

From production it is received as 1200LB per bag, each bag is assigned with one HU#, so in inventory 2 bags = 1088.62KG, when pick 2 bags to a delivery with same batch, it round up to 1088.63KG in total, this cause deficit of 0.001KG and prevent goods issue posting. Also, this is a IM HU managed storage location, I have no way to bump up inventory.

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