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RG1 Register is not getting updated & gives red signal when i post with RMA

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In J1I5, RG1 Register is not getting updated and gives red signal when i post with classification RMA

Also I maintained

1. chapter ID for FG material

2. material chapter ID combination with RG1 material type

3. maintained input and output material

the Raw material(input material)is recieved and upadated in RG23A using classsifiaction <b>ROP</b>

and Raw material is issued back to Production store using classification <b>IIM</b> in J1I5 after putting MIGO

but I get finished materials into Storage loc right after Production thru <b>RMA</b> classification in J1I5 - RG1 Register update.Also removal from there to customer is done in classification <b>IDH/IWT</b> in J1I5.

Plz help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Refer the SAP note 951955 which has general clarifictaion about RG1.

Please check whether you have maintained opening balances for

all RG1 material in table J_2IRG1BAL. If not, please maintain opening

balances for all RG1 material in J_2IRG1BAL for the date from which

you want to run the RG1 report. THIS HAS TO BE DONE MANUALLY OR


The field FORM in J_2IRG1BAL has to be filled in with either P or L as

explained below -

Please check whether the you have maintained the Loose or Packed

Material Form (MATFORM) for the RG1 Materials, as per the Note


When you run transaction J1I5, the system will update the field MATFORM

in the table J_1IRG1 for that material with the Material Form maintained

in table J_2IRG1BAL.

So entering the correct opening balances along with Material Form

in the table J_2IRG1BAL before running the RG1 report is necessary for

correct display of the RG1 report.

After maintaining the opening balances in J_2IRG1BAL, please re-extract

the report for RG1 using transaction J2I5.

For example:

If you want to run the RG1 report from 01.01.2004 maintain the following

entries in table J_2IRG1BAL for all RG1 material.

EXGRP: Excise group of the material

DATUM: Date from which you want RG1 report i.e. 01.01.2004

MATNR: Material

Page 2

FORM: P for packed, L for loose. note that the same material cannot be

maintained as both packed and loose.

WERKS: Leave it blank

Maintain all relevant opening balance fields. These fields start with


Enter the username in USNAM and CPUDT (current date).

When ever a new material is created this has to be done. For more

details refer the Note No.373001.

If you do not want to maintain the material form in table J_2IRG1BAL,

and want to use your own logic for updating material form in table

J_1IRG1 during transaction J1I5 then apply Note No.412864. This note

provides for an user exit J_1I7_userexit_J1I5_matform. In this user

exit you can write your own logic for updating the material form

for different materials irrespective of what the system picks up. Once

again please note that the same material cannot be updated as 'P' for

one entry and 'L' for another entry in table J_1IRG1.

Also check the Note No. 502792 based on your Support pack level.

And always ensure the Latest Support Pack is applied in your


Please check whether you have uploaded the correct Balance of the

Materials in the table J_2IRG1BAL and compare with the table


Please note that the table J_2IRG1BAL alone will have the Material

field. The table J_2IACCBAL has to updated for the Excise Group,

Plant and no Material field will be available.

Hence, identify the Material and compare with the tables

J_1IRG1, cumulative stock.

FAQs for RG1 goods -

1. When I try to create RG1 issues entry the line turns red and nothing


Answer: This is happening because you are trying to create an issue

entry and the stock in the register is not enough to do the issue.

Hence, there is a need to first update RG1 with the receipts and then go

into the issues.

2. I have extracted the register data once but now I have added more

transactions. Can I extract once more?

Answer: You can re-extract the data if you have added more transaction

data for the given period.

3. I am using another package for printing registers. Can I download the

data once again?

Answer: To prevent data inconsistency in the third party application CIN

does not allow you to re download the register data once it has alr

eady been downloaded.

4. What is the issue classification for RG1?

Answer: You need to classify the RG1 entries as to whether they are

receipts from manufacture or other receipts, clearances of various

types so that they can be reported under the various headings as

required by the Excise commissionarate.

Page 3

5. How do I maintain the opening balances for my register for the first


Answer: You need load them manually at the initial data upload.

6. How do I get the opening balance for every month?

Answer: CIN calculates the opening balance for reporting purposes based

on the transactions extracted in any period.

7. Are opening and closing balances of reghister available for me for


Answer: You must not pick up the opening and closing balances that are

calculated by reporting because they might get changed if someone does a

reextract. So they need to be recomputed dynamically. They are not


8. Where does RG1 get the data of packed/loose material ?

Answer: Initially when you upload the balance in RG1 you need to mention

the material form. Later the system assumes the same for for the sa me

material code. If you need to dynamically change this then you can make

use of the user-exit. A material can be marked either as packed or loose

but not both.

9. The column 'In Bonded store room' in RG1 register is not getting


Answer: The column 'In Bonded store room' in RG1 Register is not being

updated. It is present in the RG1 format as earlier it was part of the

legal requirements. This format is no longer legal in nature. The

purpose of RG1 Register is only to track the movement of goods to

finished place from manufacturing place and hence only this

functionality is handled.

10. Assessable value is not appearing the RG1 register in transaction


Answer: If the scenario has another pricing condition other than PR00

(for example, another price condition exists containing the balance of

the PR00 and discount condition) then PR00 has to be maintained as a

statistical condition so that the base value will be PR00 minus discount

condition, i.e., the second price condition.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Pl. check whether you have maintained the material in table J_2IRG1BAL table.

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solved by me!