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RFSUMB00 program: Has someone executed it to profit accounts before?

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Hello everybody!

We are trying to run the RFSUMB00 program (Italian one, F_IT_01 transaction) and it creates correctly the Batch Input sessions.

However, for the profit accounts that were not created as cost elements in CO the program does not post, as it maps the Cost Center field, even though the same is not mandatory.

We have tried to change the field status group to make hidden the Cost Center field, but in the log of Batch Input folder execution, it is saying the field does not exist at the screen.

Has someone executed it to profit accounts before?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Welcome to SDN users forum.

Take a look in note 379276.

To avoid this issue you have the following options:

1. change the corresponding field status group (field status

variant) before you run the batch-input session and reset it after the

run (This is not ideal, but you only have to run the report periodically

or once in a fiscal year).

2. Process the batch-input session in the run mode "Display errors only"

Before an error message will occur, the session stops directly on the

dynpro of the FB01-transaction. And then you can insert the value

manually on the screen and go on processing.

These are the standart way to solve this, otherwise will be necessary you to make changes in the original programs, because this errors happens, due to this reports uses FB01 to make the posts and this transaction should not post anything that is not FI documents.


Gustavo Machado

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Correct Gustavo! Thanks very much! I appreciate your comments!

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