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RFFOUS_T in Pymt Methods in Country, but Variant maintained against RFFOEDI1

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Hello Friends – We are sending ACH Payment details though Idocs. I see that Program RFFOUS_T in Pymt Methods in Country and Variant maintained against RFFOEDI1 in F110 and it is working fine.

My understanding is that if program (RFFOUS_T ) is maintained in Payment Methods in Country and Variant  should be maintained against the same program (RFFOUS_T) in F110.

(1) Can you pls let me know in which scenario we maintain as above?

(2) Does not it work if Program maintained in Pymt Methods in Country - RFFOEDI1.

This set up is already in place and working fine. I just would like to understand the reason behind this.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Godavari,

Good question though,

EDI (RFFOUS_T)program determines how to generate and which fields should trigger to and Variant is used for form printing and medium exchange which you have maintained in payment methods in country.



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