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RFDKLI20 FI document change log

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We are converting the FI open items to a new Credit Control Area via the standard program RFDKLI20. The program is running successfuly and the FI open items are being converted but the Credit Control Area update is not stored in the document change log in ECC.

We have some integration with BW queries which is loading the data in delta mode (only for updates) and the FI document conversion is not identified by the standard data source 0FI_AR_4 (in the delta mode).

1) Could you please confirm if this is normal behavior?

2) Is there any reason for having the option "Create SD change documents" available for SD but not for the Financial documents?

3) Since this is creating an issue in our BW reports, is there a recomended workaround that do not impact the documents auditability?

We appreciate your prompt response. We have the go-live in 2 weeks from now and this side efect in BW it's a blocking point.

Thanks in advance and regards Rita Vieira

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