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RFC Connection Failure while repliacting Material from ECC to SRM

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Actually, while I'm trying to replicate the material/Product from ECC to SRM it's showing RFC destination failure could you please see the attached screenshot for the same.

While im replicating the product from ECC to SRM its is showing an error like RFC connection failure in the system.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please show some effort in researching your issue first. The error message text is "WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out". Here are some search hits to get you started.

Also, since you are a "SAP MM/SRM TECHNICAL CONSULTANT", this is a task for the Basis Team, and less for you. I seriously doubt, that this time out error only happens when replicating Material from ECC to SRM (unless that is the only thing being exchanged and triggered from ECC to SRM).

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You keep running into new problems, that should require their own question in the SAP community. The one you have now about VMC is not related to your question!

As the problem "RFC connection failure" to this thread obviously is now solved for you, you should either accept answers that helped you solve your problem, or describe in an answer by yourself, how you you were able to solve the problem by yourself and award yourself with the correct answer, and finally close this question.

Then open a new question about your new "Error during VM container communication between ABAP and JAVA" problem. Just a little hint and advise before you post that question: Analyse your current error more thoroughly in SRM: double click on error message, check ST22 error details, check SM52 status, check SM53 logs. Do you even have VMC experience? I doubt it.

You are obviously trying to fully set up a connection from ECC to SRM, without knowing anything about it, just with the help of the community. I doubt you will succeed in the end or it will take you months if not years. You will keep running into problems that will get bigger and bigger. You need seriously help!

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