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RF gun bin-to-bin

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Dear All,

I am using the way to see in report whether bin-to-bin transfer was process via RF gun or on PC? Is there any indicator in LT24?

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A few things :

  • An RF Bin-to-Bin is not delivered by SAP as Standard, so I must assume this was Created as a Custom Application ... That could mean that the Custom Solution provides some kind of Logging / ChangeDocuments / ... that could help you get the Terminal ID or something ...
  • Traditionally SAP WM doesn't offer a lot of ChangeDocuments that could give you some more insights ...
  • As far as I know, Trx."LT24" doesn't provide any information on a Terminal user ...
  • See a related Question and Answer : link

Another approach could be to see if you could just use the RF-Operators UserBase as your Filter. In some cases, the RF-Gun Users have little to no SAP-GUI-experience. Sometimes they can even have limited SAP-UserLicense prohibiting them from accessing and executing SAP-Transactions in a System. That said, perhaps you could just look at a UserName, identifying it as "an RF-Operator" or a "Full Access SAP-User"?