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rework order issue

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Dear experts

I was created prodcution order for rework (ybw1)QTY = 22 at the time of creation Routing copied and bom not copied, at the time before the routing copy in CO01

error :No default value maintained for Op.generation for order type YBW1(material fertxxxxx)

then i clicked on this error message I got (T-code OPJG)this screen where I entered Base qty :100, denaminator:20 & numerator:6

and work center,operation and control key: YBRW

After I did MB1A (GI to that material) then I want to do confirmation co11n at that time I enter the prodcution order number and entered in yeild field QTY came as 73 then I clicked in GOODS MOVEMENT tab there for the same material QTY shows as 21.

My doubt is when I created Prodcuion order qty as 22 for rework WHY Qty 73 is showing in YEILD field in co11n then in goods movement (Co11n) tab the Qty show as 21

please help me in this issue as soon as possible .. then how can i proceed further..

SAME FERT MATERIAL IN PRODCUION ORDER AND i want to rework also for the same material

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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is the UOM in Operation ( you can find the uom for operation in operation detail standard value key tab.)and UOM for target quantity is same?

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Hi sundaresan

Uom is same in operation and standard value nos(numbers) and the same 73 qty is shown at (Co11n) yeild field its coming when i enter the prodcuion order number. I removed that 73 yeild qty and I enter 22 qty in rework feild and in goods movement i saved the confirmation.

Confirmation is saved for that order number with (auto GR) but the 22 qty is not showed in MMBE for that particular storage location.

In prodcuion order DISPLAY EXPECTED /Yeild variance field 16 - (neg qty) is showing.

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