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Reversal of Overhead

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I want to reverse (KGI2) overheads posted in April for a particular Prod order, but not able to do it so, if i try in Test run in April after opening in transaction in OKp1 i am getting value

Is this std behavior where i cannot reverse the April posting in June. In this case how to reverse the OH posted?

There are few threads relating to this, but no clear solutions.

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Check if note 1566203 is needed in your system.

Can you try reversing the previously done overheads in CO43 ?

Try this in a test system.



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Hi Waman

Apart from the the note you mentioned, dont you think this issue has larger implications

if settlements for Apr / May have happened, its not correct to reverse the Overhead calculation.... You need to reverse the settlement for May, then Apr for this prod order.... After that you reverse overhead calculation for Apr > Do it again for Apr > Calculate Var/WIP/Settlement for Apr

Then repeat the same for May...

You need to open FI posting periods for the same

br, Ajay M

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There is no WIP / Settlement posted, only on GI in april and KGI2 for (OH) against the GI.

Now the customer cancelled that order, hence we need the order amount to Zero to close it.

NOw after reversing the GI, what to do with the Posted OH.

1. Whether i can reverse that in KGI2 in June OR

2. If i run KGI2 again in June after reversal of the GI whether i will get negative value in OH ?