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Revaluation Process

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Hello All,

I have some doubt the we have the repetitive manufacturing scenario i want to clarify that when i have to do the periodic settlement , after FI closing or before FI closing because i have to do the rvaluation with actual price of all activity costs , Currently we are doing the settlement before FI at the last day of the month and FI book is closed on 15th of next month so we can do CON2 only running the actual distribution and assessment cycle by which the actual cost get splitted to the activity types

Here the problem is coming in production server that we are doing the KSII the price is calculated but does not reflect in KSBT with indicater 5, due to which we are unable to do the revaluation.

I have tested in Development everything is going fine but not happening in production , the setting is same no any difference , the only difference that in development i am not doing the settlement of plan order and in prodcution server all co closing activity is done before FI closing.

I need to confirm that what could be the reason whether we have to do CO closing (WIP, VAriance, Settlement) after FI closing or before.

Because of this we are not able to generate the actual cost sheet.


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need more information.

Have you any error KSII?