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Revaluating the Fixed Asset and Depreciation Calculation in SAP Business One


Dear Experts,

We purchase the asset on June 2022 and due to Currency inflation, the value of an asset has been increased in December so I have to increase the value of the asset and the further depreciation calculation should be based on the new value of the asset.

I have tried using "Asset Revaluation" but this has increased the APC value but there is no impact in calculated planned depreciation. The planned depreciation value remains the same even after the Asset Revaluation.

Since the "Asset Revaluation" did not provide the desired output, I have tried posting another "Capitalization" document with the intention to increase the APV value but ending up with Error Message: "This transaction is not possible for the asset "IT0005" because incompatible postings with later dates exist"

I do not know which is the right way to appreciate the value of Asset and also to impact the new value for remaining depreciation calculation of the asset.

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pls refer below link.

ABAW: Perform Asset Revaluation in SAP - SAPFICOBLOG

Hope this will resolve your issue.



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Dear Ananthakrishnan Lakshmanan,

Thanks for your answer. However, the question is for SAP Business One. I apologize for not mentioning that, and I have now edited the title of the question.

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