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Reusing SAP System Forms

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I have the following problem:

I need to reuse an System-form from within an UDO (well, it doesn't matter from where I want to use it, does it?).

The System-form that I need to use is called "Select Serial Numbers". You can open it by clicking:

[StockManagement]->[Pick and Pack]->[Pick List]->New

then "deliver" and select the "Assign Serials" dialog.

(Rightclick on a quantity and then "Select Serial")

<u>Now my question:</u> <b>Is there any other way to add a system form the B1 Environment than clicking on the Menu Entry corresponding to that form? </b>

The problem is that there is no menu entry for the "Assign Serials" formular.

I know that its FormType(Ex) is 25 but I am not able to create that form with Forms.Add or Forms.AddEx!

Any help (or even a negative answer) will be appreciated!

Arvid Terzibaschian

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Well I really don't know. Usually you open it by following these steps:

1. [StockManagement]->[Pick and Pack]

2. [Pick List] and select any valid record

3. press the [Deliver] Btn

4. right-click on "Quantity" and select Batch/Serial Numbers

now you see the form I need to use in another context, (and I need to open it from the Pick List via a custom button if anyone cares)

I don't think that there is a different way than opening the delivery document and rightclick or control+tab on "Quantity".

Thanks for your answers though

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Yes I want to call an existing B1 form but there is no matching MenuEntry for that form, so I cannot use the Application.ActivateMenuItem() method for that.

Is there other way to accomplish that task?

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Hi Arvid,

Some of the system forms can not be activated using Application.ActivateMenuItem() - purely becuase they are not menu items. If this is the case, there is no way to activate the screens.

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Arvid, i'm not really sure in the task you are trying to solve. Anyway, did you try to turn to SendKeys() of Application object? If SBO system form can't be opened via menu item then it should (or must) have a possibility to be opened by pressing a set of keys (like Ctrl-A + Tab to open BPs CFL of SO form, for example)..

If that won't solve your isuue please, clarify it.


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Is your question that you want to call an existing Business One system form? I am not clear as you say that you want to add a system form, but then you mention re-use a system form.