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Restringir clases de movimiento por centros

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Buenas, deseo saber si es posibles limitar clases de movimientos (BWART) por centros (WERKS) por ejemplo en el movimiento 103 y 104 solo permita realizarse en el centro L400 y los movimientos 311, 312, 103 y 104 en el centro L500.


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Hello jamz10,

If I understood your query right, you want to restrict certain movement types for a specific plant.

In Inventory Management area we work with authorization objects for the user that is trying to perform the goods movement.

Your request is not a standard delivery but you can try to get the expected behavior using the authorization objects for a combination of movement type and plant. There you can define that user A can post for plant 1234 only the movements 311, 312, 313.

But kindly note that authorization happens for the User itself.

Please check:

2539063 - Authorization Check: authorization objects in Inventory Management

Best Regards,