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Restricting Material to a single Storage Location

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I wonder if someone can help. This is only for personal training purposes and not real-life business scenario.

I have a plant with 2 storage locations 2000 (WM Storage) and 3000 (WM SUM Storage).

I then have a material which I only want to receive into a storage location 3000 but it seems that even if I create a Material Mater and maintain that for single Storage Location, when I manually raise a Material Document without reference to a PO, I can still put in storage location 2000 and the system will accept it and allocate the stock into a BIN which I want to use for storage location 3000 only (imagine that storage location 2000 only has High Rack and Open Storage and 3000 has Bulk Storage and Open Storage Types)

So I am aware that Storage Types are maintained under a warehouse structure and not directly allocated to Storage Location. I am also aware that I can "Define Storage Location Control" for my Storage Type strategies that somehow allows me to refer certain Storage Types to Storage Locations for Material Placement Strategies but, is there a way where I can have several storage locations assigned to one warehouse and configure SAP so that a material can only be received to a defined storage location?

So if I want material A01 to only go to Storage Location 3000, I should not be able to overwrite this manually (i.e. by a type when raising a PO or Material Document). I would want an SAP system to show me an error of some sort that thsi material is not maintained for Storage Location 3000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello ada_sko

If a material doesn't have a storage location level view created, it can't be received to that storage location. However you can enable automatic storage location view creation for specific plants and movement types - IMG path: Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> Create Storage Location Automatically

So the solution to your requirement is:

  • disable automatic storage location creation
  • create material master storage location views only for the storage location that you allow materials to be placed in.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski