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Reserve stock against one particular sales order and issue the same

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My client wants that he should he able to reservestock for a particular sales order only, so that during availability check, the stock is not issued against any other sales order.

I have tried to do stock reservation by using t-code MB21, then the stock gets transferred from Unrestricted stock to restricted stock.

When i Do the PGI, it is still reducing the unrestricted stock and the reserved stock is unaltered.

My client is not a manufacturing unit, they are basically into only trading of goods.

Can some one please suggest what steps can i do?

Also if tehre is any alternative to accomplish the same?

You can mail me any documnettaion regarding the same, is any on



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see when ur changing the stock from restricted use to unrestricted use then

its fine but as u mentioned while doing particular moment type you want the stock to get reduced from restricted use but not from unrestricted use

for this u need to change the moment type from 651 to some thing else because the moment type 651 will reduce the stock from restricted use and allocate to the customer

so maintain a diff moment type for ur particular order type ( means this particular order type has an itme cat which detrmines a schedule line cat in thth schedule line cat maintain a diff omnt type instead of 601)

well try 231