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HI Experts,

I am developing a report for Material Receipts where I have to display the Material, Material Desc, Qty, Rate, Value, GL Accout and GL Description.

Can anyone suggest a suitable table for getting Material Receipts.

How do we link Material and GL Account.

PLease suggest.

Thank You


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

You can use following tables :

MARA - For material basics

MAKT - for material description

MSEG - with movement Bwart - 101 for receipts use menge field for qty

DMBTR for value of receipts

for GL account i want toa sk you want which GL account here ?? if you are looking for Materials GL account get the same from Materials valuation class or from MSEG entry concatenate MBLNR+IETME no. and pass to AWKY field in BKPF table and from there get to BSEG table line items to get any HKONT as Gla ccount no for that entry

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi sandeep,

GL account is related to FI and Meterial and all those stuffs related to MM. we can give link between those two by using AWKEY (Object Key) field.

Hope this helps you. Reply for queries, shall post the updates.



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Just check if any of the tables you are using to fetch the data is having a field called Reference Key like AWKEY or XBLNR which may have the GLAcct with fiscal year.If so,take it and split it to take only the GLAccnt number for future referrrence.Hope it may give you some lead.


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mara table